On November 21, 2011 a Workshop on Advances in POD and RB Model-Order Reduction will take place at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Konstanz. Talks will be given by researchers from the RWTH-Aachen Univeristy, Ulm Univeristy and Univeristy of Konstanz.


Bernhard Wieland
(Ulm University)
Affine Decompositions of Parametric Stochastic Processes and their Application within RBM
Sebastian Steck
(Ulm University)
Erstellen Reduzierter Basen mit Hilfe von Parameterableitungen
Mark Kärcher
(RWTH-Aachen University)
Reduced Basis A Posteriori Error Bounds for Parametrized Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems
Anna-Lena Gerner
(RWTH-Aachen University)
Certified Reduced Basis Methods for Saddle Point Problems - A New Adaptive Sampling Procedure
Martin Gubisch
(University of Konstanz)
Model Reduction using POD
Stefan Volkwein
(University of Konstanz)
Suboptimal Control with POD