Dining options

There is a huge variety of restaurants and cafés in Konstanz. Here is a small selection of the organizers' favorites. Most places have vegetarian options.

  1. Don Alfredo, Italian, Hofhalde 7 http://www.restaurant-donalfredo.de/
  2. Tolle Knolle, German (potatoes specialties), Bodanplatz 9 http://www.tolle-knolle.de/
  3. Konzilgaststättte, German in a historic building (good local lake fish), Hafenstr. 2 http://www.konzil-konstanz.de/
  4. Il Boccone, Italian, Bodanstr. 20-26 http://www.ilboccone.de/
  5. Café Zeitlos, Café/pub with a garden that also serves food, Sankt-Stephans-Platz 25 http://www.cafe-zeitlos.net/
  6. Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht, German pub that brews its own beer, Inselgasse 17 http://www.brauhaus-joh-albrecht.de/
  7. Akropolis, Greek restaurant, Obere Laube 55 http://www.diningout.de/grie/akropolis/index.php
  8. Eugens Bio Cafe, Biological meals, drinks, cakes, Münzgasse 1 http://www.eugens.bio/home.html
  9. Muensterhof, German with tables in the Cathedral square, Münsterplaz 3 http://www.muensterhof-konstanz.de/
  10. Haffenhalle beer garden, at the harbor, HafenStr. 10 http://www.hafenhalle.com/
  11. Brigantinus beer garden, at the river, ReichenauStr. 15 http://www.brigantinus.de/
  12. Meera Restaurant, Singaporean (top choice), Friedrichstr. 32 http://meera-restaurant-konstanz.de/
  13. Constanzer Wirtshaus, German at the river with garden (conference dinner location), Spanierstr. 3 http://www.constanzer-wirtshaus.de/
  14. Pamukkale kebab, Turkish kebab (ask for the original kebab), Reichenaustr. 30 https://foursquare.com/v/pamukkale-kebap/541c643c498eaf4714ffef77
  15. Sedir, Turkish cafe-restaurant, Hofhalde 11 http://www.cafe-restaurant-sedir.de/
  16. Sol Caffebar Vegifood, Vegan cafe-restaurant, Ebertplatz 4 http://sol-konstanz.de/
  17. Sitara, Indian restaurant, Paradiesstr. 7 http://www.sitara-restaurant.de/