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Seminar for Master on Algebra and Logic, Winter semester 2022/23, Universität Konstanz

Further Information

All Information on this seminar can also be found here.

To participate in the seminar, please register on ZEuS!

The main target audience for this seminar are Master students, but Bachelor students can participate as well.
The aim is to study potential topics for a Master's Thesis in Commutative Algebra, Real Algebra or Model Theory.
A list of suggested topics and supporting literature can be found here.

The talks can be given in either English or German. Furthermore participants will have to send in an abstract, which briefly
summarises the main content of their talk, as well as a handout (up to 10 pages) at latest 24 hours before their talk.

Supervisor: Vincent Bagayoko, Lasse Vogel
Time and place: Wednesdays 13:30-15:00 Room D404
Preliminary meeting: 24.10.2022 13:30-15:00 Room F420

If you have any remaining questions, feel free to ask us via an email to lasse.vogel[ ät]uni-konstanz.de.


To keep personal information protected the handouts may be password-protected. Please reach out via Email if you require the password.

02.11. Introduction to first order logic and o-minimality.
09.11. Introduction to first order logic and o-minimality. (continued)
16.11. The monotonicity theorem.
23.11. O-minimal ordered rings.
30.11. Classes of group rings.
07.12. no seminar
14.12. Orderability of free groups.
21.12. Hausdorff fields.
Christmas holidays
11.01. Hardy fields.
18.01. Existenz von Bewertungsbasen.
25.01. O-minimal ordered groups.
01.02. Fields of definable functions over o-minimal structures.

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