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  Fluid-structure interaction simulation of a falling elastic ball within a viscous fluid and its contact with the bottom

Dr. Stefan Frei

I am a lecturer (Akademischer Rat, permanent) at the

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Konstanz

Universitätsstraße 10, 78457 Konstanz, Germany
Room G415


My research focuses on the
  • development and
  • numerical analysis
of finite element methods in complex applications, including
  • Interface problems and fluid-structure interactions
  • Problems posed on moving domains (ALE and Fully Eulerian approaches)
  • Fluid-structure interactions and contact
  • Computational fluid mechanics
  • Multi-scale problems in space and time
  • Biomedical applications
  • Optimisation with partial differential equations

Current students
Maneesh Kumar Singh Postdoc Eulerian Time-Stepping Schemes for Interface Problems
Selina Hoffmann Student assistant Neuronal Networks for Parameter Estimation in Solid Mechanics
Jan Reichle Student assistant/ Bachelor thesis Neuronal Networks for Parameter Estimation in Solid Mechanics
Patrick Spitz Student assistant Numerical Simulation of Contact Problems in Solid Mechanics
Isabella Helms Master thesis (with S. Volkwein) Finite Element Simulation and Reduced Basis Approaches in Solid Mechanics
Alison Kusche Bachelor thesis (with S. Volkwein) Optimization Algorithms in Neuronal Networks
Boan Song Bachelor thesis (with S. Volkwein) Parameter Estimation in the SIR Model in Mathematical Epidemiology