Summer School

Central Simple Algebras over Function Fields of Surfaces

Universität Konstanz

26 August - 1 September 2007

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In 2002, Johan de Jong proved the equality of period and index for central simple algebras over function fields of complex algebraic surfaces.
The summer school will present this ground-breaking result together with its proof.
Leading experts from the field will explain the underlying methods from algebraic geometry and the general mathematical context to an audience of young researchers.
There will be a total of five lecture series, which will be complemented by a number of tutorials and additional talks.
Free lodging in holiday flats and further financial support are availabe to a limited number of young researchers at pre- and postdoc level. All senior researchers are equally welcome to participate. There will be a registration fee of 50 euros.

The summer school is organised by Karim Johannes Becher (Universität Konstanz) and Daniel Plaumann (Universität Konstanz).
It is supported by the Center for Junior Research Fellows of the University of Konstanz.

It's over! Below are some pictures and movies. More importantly, Michel Van den Bergh and Jan Van Geel have prepared detailed notes of their lectures.
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Notes on de Jong's period=index theorem for central simple algebras over fields of transcendence degree two (Michel Van den Bergh)

Introductory Talk (Jan Van Geel)


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