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Universität Konstanz
Fachbereich für Mathematik und Statistik
Prof. Dr. Jan Beran


Papers in refereed journals
Beran, J.(1989)   `A test of location for data with slowly decaying serialcorrelations.'
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Journal of Time Series Analysis, Vol. 21, No. 5, 513-533.
Beran, J. andMazzola, G. (2000)   `Timing Microstructure in Schumann's``Träumerei'' as an Expression of Harmony, Rhythm, and MotivicStructure in Music Performance'.
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Feng, Y. andBeran, J. (2009)   'Filtered Log-Periodogram Regression.' Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, (in press).
Beran, J. andShumeyko, Y. (2009)   'On asymptotically optimal wavelet estimation of trend functions under long-range dependence.' Under revision.

Other publications

PhD thesis
Beran, J. (1986)   `Estimation, testing and prediction forself-similar and related processes.' Ph.D. thesis, ETH Zürich. No. 8074.

Beran, J.(1994)   `Statistics for long-memory processes'. Chapman &Hall (CRC Press), New York.

Beran, J.(2003)   `Statistics in musicology'. Chapman & Hall (CRC Press), New York. (see STATnetBASE)

Beran, J. andGhosh, S. (2010/2011)  'Time Series Analysis.' (in preparation).
Beran, J.,Feng, Y., Ghosh, S. and Kulik, R. (2010/2011)   'Long-memory processes - Probabilistic Properties and Statistical Methods.' (in preparation).

Book contributions, Communications, Inviteddiscussions
Beran, J.(1989)  On space-time modelling with long-memory dependence:assessing Ireland's wind power resource by T. Haslett and A. E.Raftery. Invited discussion. Applied Statistics (JRSS,Series C) 38, 29-31.
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Aniseikonia (LP). H.O.E. Zurich, 1986 (J. Beran).

Cirri (CD). Centaur Records (CRC 2100), 1991 (J. Beran; see ArkivMusic).

Immaculate Concept (CD). SToA Music (ST-71.1002), 1992 (J. Beran, G. Mazzola; see CMJ review - 5th KlangArt, Osnabrück).


Sãnti (CD). col legno (WWE 20062), 2000 (J. Beran; see FAZ, 24 August 2001).


Chamber Music 2003-2006. Vienna Modern Masters (VMM 2049), 2007 (J. Beran, with Christopher Raphael); see Vienna Modern Masters, ArkivMusic, http://classicalthoughts.wordpress.com/..