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Schwerpunkt Reelle Geometrie und Algebra

Donau–Rhein Modelltheorie und Anwendungen (DRMTA)

Travel and Accommodation Information


For directions to the Institute of Mathematics in Freiburg, please use the Google maps link here.


For information concerning travel to and in Basel, please see here.


To Konstanz

By Train: Good train connections from Basel and from Freiburg arriving at Konstanz Hauptbahnhof. Baden-Württemberg Ticket (after 9am on weekdays, any time on weekends) and BW Ticket Nacht (after 6pm) available from Deutsche Bahn for parties of up to 5 people, travelling from Basel Badischer Bahnhof or Freiburg (Breisgau) Hauptbahnhof. Routes with the SBB from Basel SBB Bahnhof.

By Bus: Connection available with Flixbus from Freiburg i.B. to Konstanz Döbeleplatz.

By Car: Please see directions here or here. Parking is available at the university in the Parkhaus Süd for small daily charge; see here for more information.

Within Konstanz

Local Bus: From Konstanz Hauptbahnhof (stop: Bahnhof) or Konstanz Döbeleplatz (stop: Döbele), take local bus 9A or 9B to the university Haupteingang (stop: Universität). Please note the dates to which the different schedules apply!! Or, if you're feeling more adventurous, take local bus 4 to the back side of the university underneath the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (stop: Egg or Egg/Universität depending on the modernity of the bus).

At Universität Konstanz

Arriving at the Haupteingang: Go into the nearest entrance of the main building. You will be on level A5 (that is, building A, floor 5). Room F426 is in building F, on floor 4. Follow signs to building F - you will need to go down one level (to level 4), probably via the main staircase, and pass through buildings B and G before reaching F.

Arriving at stop Egg on Mainaustraße: Walk across the bridge over the road and then up the hill. Enter the university building straight ahead and you will be at level G1 (that is, building G, floor 1). Room F426 is in building F, on floor 4. Go up to level G4 and then follow signs to building F.

Accommodation in Konstanz

If you require assistance in arranging accommodation in Konstanz then please get in touch with Margaret Thomas.


For information concerning travel to and in Passau, please see here.

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