Workshop Location

University of Konstanz

The University of Konstanz from above Nr. 3 Fotograf:
	 Dr. Michael Kieninger © Universität KonstanzThe University of Konstanz is relatively young, having been founded in 1966 as a "reform university". It is currently one of only eleven elite universities within Germany supported by the federal "Excellence Initiative" promoting top-level research.

The workshop will take place on the university campus, which is located outside the town on the hill "Gießberg", from which there are beautiful views of the Bodensee and the Alps.

Workshop Venue

The talks will take place in room C427, while registration, breaks, lunches and the poster session will take place in room C425. These are located in `building' C, level 4. Signs guide visitors from the main entrance of the university, where buses 9A, 9B and 11 stop (see below), to the part of the main university building designated `building' C. On the first day there will also be signs from the main entrance directing workshop participants.

University of Konstanz map with C rooms marked

Getting to the University

During the workshop, the university can be reached by bus lines 9A, 9B, 11 and 4. Lines 9A and 9B take different routes through the centre of town, and line 11 starts at stop Bahnhof Wollmatingen (in the west end of town); these three lines terminate at the main entrance to the university (stop: Universität). Line 4 starts at the Central Train Station (stop: Bahnhof) and has a stop on the road behind the university (stop: Egg/Universität).

Bus timetable information is available from the Stadtwerke Konstanz: line 9A, 9B, line 11, line 4, network map. In case of the 9A/B timetable, please be careful to check the dates at the top in order to use the correct (semester period) timetable. These maps give an idea of the routes of the 9A and 9B buses (the letters are irrelevant!):


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