Mathematik und Statistik
Schwerpunkt Reelle Geometrie und Algebra Arbeitsgruppe Modelltheorie

Real Algebraic Geometry and Model Theory (RAGMT)

Slides of the talks can now be found below.

Talks: Monday, Tuesday


The conference will be taking place in room F426 in the main building of Universität Konstanz. During the breaks, coffee and snacks will be available.

Monday, 08 October

10:00–10:30: Registration and Coffee Reception
10:30–11:20: F. Point
11:20–11:30: Break
11:30–12:20: N. Verhulst (slides)
12:20–14:00: Lunch Break
14:00–14:50: A. Opris (slides)
14:50–15:00: Break
15:00–15:50: M. Matusinski
15:50–16:20: Break & Poster Session
16:20–17:10: Ch. Schulze
19:00: Conference Dinner: Constanzer Wirtshaus

Tuesday, 09 October

08:30–09:00: Coffee Reception
09:00–09:50: T. Kuna
09:50–10:00: Break
10:00–10:50: S. Van Hille
10:50–11:20: Break
11:20–12:10: G. Dill
12:10–14:00: Lunch Break
14:00–14:50: P. Andújar Guerrero
14:50–15:00: Break
15:00–15:50: A. Taveira Blomenhofer
15:50: End of Conference

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